The humourist Josh Billing once said, “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.” Dex, aka Black, certainly lives up to this. While I have to give a nod to the breed, we must express our gratitude to Mike and Heidi for bringing the best out of their pups. Dex is everything we ever wanted in a dog - active, playful, energetic, loving, smart and beautiful. People honestly stop us every time we are out to ask us the breed and to tell us how handsome he is. We try not to let it go to his head. While I plan to hunt Dex, he has spent his first year getting acquainted with the woods and being a family dog.

The dog Dex is has a lot to do with how Mike and Heidi raise their puppies. I am sure you have read all of the testimonials that write about how discerning Mike and Heidi are. They are and it was what first endeared us to them. But then we got to know them and it was clearly more than just the rigorous interview. It was the visit, hearing about how they prepare for the whelping, how they rear their puppies, sometimes by hand, walking the farm and getting to know each other, for real. They truly love their dogs and they make sure they all go to homes that will continue to love them as much as they do.

Life now is simply just better with Dex and we are eternally grateful to MIke and Heidi for him.

- Roman & Andréa K..


It is often said that time flies when you're having fun. This statement has certainly held true since we brought home our Back Forty GSP pup last summer - 2020.

It was important to us that we found an honest and knowledgeable breeder. Mike and his wife, Heidi, embody those qualities and more. From the very first conversation I had with Mike, I could tell that he was truly genuine and knew everything that there is to know about this breed. When we went to their farm to meet with them I could see right away how much he loves his dogs and their litters. It was such an amazing experience to get to meet the Mom, litter, and his other dogs. You could see just how much he cares about this breed. Anytime I had a question, I never hesitated to ask and he was always happy to answer and help.

Our girl, Daisy, has been such a wonderful addition to our family! She is such an intelligent, loving and constant companion. Our two children (now ages 6 & 7) love her to pieces. Daisy waits for them to get up every morning and greets them as if they haven't seen each other in days. We wanted a true family dog and Daisy is nothing short of that! Bringing her into our home was a smooth and seamless transition, as Mike begins socializing the litter straight away. I have received on several occasions from complete strangers that she is one of the best looking GSP'S that they have ever seen.

If you're looking for an honest, knowledgeable and reputable breeder look no further than Mike. We are thrilled to be a part of the Back Forty family!

- Stacey & Mike F.


For years we had talked about adding a GSP to our family. Even after looking at breeders in multiple states we never found one that felt right to us until a friend introduced us to Mike and Back Forty. We were immediately impressed with Mike's passion, care and knowledge of the breed and the breeding process. After speaking on the phone we had the pleasure of visiting Mike and Heidi on their farm and even brought along our retriever, Lucy to meet Piper, Rebel and Hessia. Mike's commitment to making sure that every puppy goes to a loving home that is fully capable of taking care and keeping up with a GSP is one of the things we admire the most about Back Forty.

In July of 2020 we brought home the newest addition to our family, Arbor. Fortunately, our friend Kelly was also able to add to her family and bring home Oakley. They see each other often and as Mike told us they definitely know that they’re littermates no matter how long they’re apart for. It’s been a joy to work with Mike and to watch Arbor grow, play and learn over the last year - we can’t wait to see what the future has to hold for him. We wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Back Forty for another addition to our family in the future, we are very lucky to be a part of the Back Forty family.

- Gregory and Rachael H


We recognized the passion Mike has for his dogs, his pups, and the breed, the first time we met him. We made multiple trips to visit Mike and Heidi after the pups were born, and our entire family felt so incredibly welcome. We spent hours there with the pups and interacting with the Back Forty girls. We so greatly appreciated the time and energy he put into the process. He wanted to make sure our family was a good fit for one of Rebel’s pups.

We are now getting ready to celebrate “Back Forty’s Country Sunshine’s” (aka Sunny) first birthday. She has been a wonderful addition to our family. She is incredibly social, very energetic, and the most loving dog we have ever owned. Mike has been available as a resource for us throughout this first year. He is always willing to provide his insight in any way possible. I would look to work with Mike and Back Forty’s GSP again in a heartbeat…we are lifetime members!

- Ryan & Tessa T.


My girlfriend and I have been planning on getting a dog for a long time now. We decided to get a German Shorthaired Pointer from the Back 40 family and we couldn’t be happier! Our dog Maya is a happy bundle of energy, ready to run play and cuddle 24 hours a day. She is the sweetest dog I have ever met and is the best listener in the fields and at the dog park. She has a beautiful coloration and a beautiful demeanor and we are looking forward to bringing her hunting in the near future.

Mike and the Back 40 family have been there for us since day one with any questions or concerns we’ve had and I would recommend a German Shorthaired Pointer from Back Forty to anyone.

- Jeff & Marielle W.


My family and I had been considering what breed for our next dog for the past few years and came to the consensus that a GSP would be a perfect fit for us. We were hoping to find a breeder that knew GSPs well and cared enough to ask questions of us to ensure a good fit. My daughter researched breeders and we were fortunate enough to find Back Forty GSPs and Mike. Luckily, Mike determined that our home would be a good environment for our new pup, Ace, and we would provide him a good home. We wanted Ace to be our family pet but also be able to train Ace so we can take him on outdoor adventures including hiking, hunting and possibly dock diving and agility events too. Ace has taken training very well, in fact, many neighbors comment on how smart he is and how well trained he is. At about 6 months Ace was holding point routinely. He instinctively stays within range and works the field right and left just ahead of the gunner, often stopping to check in. He also does the same when simply playing in the yard, checking in routinely and not running off somewhere. He's always wants to please and happily does so. We really couldn't ask for anything more out of our GSP. When asked where we got Ace, I don't hesitate to say Mike at Back Forty GSPs.

- Reed Family


Our beautiful GSP, Kimber, became a member of our family in 2019. After suffering the tragic loss of our previous GSP Pepper, and having a very bad experience with a different breeder, we were going into the process of getting another GSP with heavy hearts and a lot of skepticism. We then were fortunate to come across Mike and Back Forty GSP’s. The main things that were important to us when finding another GSP to call our own was that he/she was healthy, a good family dog, a good hunting partner, and great with kids and other dogs. We found all of these qualities with our Kimber from Back Forty GSP’s.

After our horrible experience with a different breeder, it was so reassuring to come across Mike and his family, and how wonderfully the dogs are treated at his home. The vetting process was extremely thorough, which was comforting to us because we knew he really cared about the puppies and the homes they go to.

Mike and his family are top notch breeders with a true devotion to the dogs in their care. I would highly recommend Back Forty GSP’s to anyone looking to add the love of a GSP to their family. We feel grateful to be a part of the Back Forty’s family, and we’re thankful to Mike and his family for their love and devotion to their dogs.

- Dan & Erin C.


When we decided to add another GSP to our family, we carefully searched for breeders for months. We are so lucky to have found Mike and Back Forty. Right away, we felt comfortable with Mike and were delighted he wanted us to bring our GSP (Brooks) to meet him and his dogs. We spent a great day chatting about all things GSP as he took us around the farm, and he answered every question we had. We could see how much he loved and cared for his dogs.

Mike had us up several more times to meet and interact with Rebel and her puppies, and did a fantastic job matching what we were looking for with our beautiful girl, Millie. She is absolutely everything we wanted and Mike picked the perfect one for us. She is a super sweet, playful, and athletic dog, and is absolutely in love with her brother Brooks.

We could not have been luckier to have found Mike and Back Forty. To this day, Mike checks in on Millie and truly cares for her. We cannot recommend Back Forty highly enough!

- Ben & Casey C.


After years of wanting a GSP, I was ready to welcome a new member to my four-legged family and I am forever grateful I came across Back Forty GSP’s. Oakley was the third animal I welcomed into my life, but she was the first dog, her two very big brothers are horses and all three of them are best buds!

When I first contacted Mike we ended up on the phone for an hour and half talking about owning dogs and horses, what I was looking for in my dog and why I was interested in the breed. He really took the time to get to know me and make sure that a GSP was a good fit for me, as well as doing his due diligence to make sure his dog would be going to a good home. A few weeks later I was able to go down and meet him in person, along with Rebel while she was pregnant with the pups, and his other dogs Piper and Hessia. I of course fell in love with all of his beautiful dogs, they were all loving, friendly, and spirited, and Mike and Heidi were so welcoming and happy to answer any and all questions!

Once the puppies were born, I went down on two separate occasions and was able to meet each one. Mike took the time to observe which puppies were drawn to me, as well as which one I was drawn to. While I was there, Mike and Heidi were already working on potty training, introducing them to children and water, and making sure they were setting the puppies up for success! He knew all of their personalities even though they were only weeks old, and he was able to match each puppy with his or her perfect home. Oakley and I definitely hit it off from the moment I saw her, and since the moment I brought her home she has brought me nothing but pure joy! She was pretty much potty trained thanks to all of their hard work, and she knew how to sit, shake, lay down, stay, and rollover within 2-3 weeks. And best of all, she never chewed on anything other than her toys!

Oakley is truly everything I dreamed my dog would be. She loves the horses and my horses love her! She accompanies me on trail rides with them and leads the way, and she also loves sharing carrots and giving them a kiss on the nose every now and again. She comes with me on every adventure including daily runs, trips to the beach, hikes, and trips into town or to the city. She is the most beautiful, smart and loving dog I have ever met, and I am so incredibly grateful to be able to have her as my best friend. Thank you Mike and Heidi, I will definitely be coming back to get Oakley a sibling when we are ready hahah!
- Kelly D.


Words just aren’t enough to describe how thankful we are to have found Mike Reilley of Back Forty German Shorthair Pointers. Having just lost our beloved family dog, “Georgia”, to cancer, we had a large whole in our hearts and were on a journey to find a way to fill it. From the start, Mike was very responsive and courteous letting me know that he had received our application (unlike many other breeders I contacted). I was also very impressed that Mike was willing to take the time to talk to us even though he didn’t think he had any openings on the wait list for the next litter. Boy I’m glad he did! After talking for almost an hour and a half, and hearing about Mike’s passion for his dogs, the breed, and his re-homing process, I knew I didn’t need to keep looking for breeders. And to my surprise, Mike soon after invited our family to visit his home and meet Rebel and her pups. Such a great experience! Mike and his wife welcomed my husband and I and my two daughters with open arms and treated us like family for the day. We really didn’t know what to expect but in the end we realized that this visit and the second one after were about establishing a bond between our families (and even the other Back Forty families we haven’t met) that ensures the Back Forty puppies will always have a network of health, love, and support.

Fast forward a year and meet Waylon. We just celebrated Waylon’s first birthday tonight. My girls made him some doggie safe ice cream and spoiled him with stuffies they picked out at Tractor Supply today. In return, Waylon lapped up that ice cream and is currently sleeping with those toys under his snoot, blissfully snoring away. It’s been a year we’ll never forget. Not just because of COVID and the craziness that came from it but because this was the year we said farewell to our best girl and welcomed our best boy. Waylon plays hard and loves hard. He’s crazy smart yet mostly silly. He loves almonds, running through the woods, and rounding up his chickens. When he’s tired, he needs his momma but is up as soon as his human sister's feet touch the floor. He’s all we ever wanted and definitely what we needed.

I highly recommend Mike and Back Forty GSPs and look forward to welcoming you and your fur-baby to the Back Forty family!

- Jenny & Mike.

It broke my heart when I lost my last GSP in 2019 and I didn’t think another dog was in the cards. As time went on, I knew I just had to have another GSP.

I agonized over finding a reputable breeder who genuinely loved the breed and treated them as members of the family. Then, as fate would have it I heard about Back Forty.

Mike is a class A breeder and what impresses me most is the care that goes into choosing the right puppy for the right family situation, Mike spends many hours getting to know the prospective families and educating the owners on the ins and outs of raising such an active breed. I like to stay active, and Tucker is just the partner to motivate me to keep moving. He is a faithful companion and wants nothing more than to be glued to my side. Although I don’t hunt, Tucker shows all the traits of an excellent hunting companion. He is keen on birds and can quietly hold his point without distraction.

Tucker loves other dogs and spends hours scouting the farm with my son’s senior GSP. He picks up commands very quickly and only wants to please (although he can’t resist sticks, mud puddles or ponds). If you are looking for a loving, furry family member who is equally balanced in outdoor activities or hunting, you can’t go wrong with a Back Forty GSP.

- Laura C.


Growing up with a GSP, I knew that after I was finished with school I wanted to get one of my own. I am so fortunate to have come across Mike and Back Forty GSPs. My dad was able to visit to meet Piper on several occasions prior to the puppies being born. The screening process that Mike does for all families interested is extremely thorough to ensure that the families are a good fit for this breed. Mike has a true talent for breeding, and ensures that the puppies start the socialization process at a young age. Bradley is almost 1, and I have been more than thrilled with him! He is handsome, smart, and the most loving family member.

Mike is a top notch breeder, and I would recommend him to anyone who was looking for a top of the line GSP. I am so very fortunate to be part of the Back Forty GSP family.

- Madison R.


Where to start... As a first time GSP owner, we spent about 6 months looking into breeders. We were mostly looking for someone who truly cared about animals and the breed and was not in it just for the financial gain. After countless breeder contacts we found Mike. Back Forty GSPs (Mike) was nothing short of amazing. I have never met a more genuine person/family who really does care more than anything. They made us feel like family and still do to this day!

On to our handsome, intelligent boy Lincoln “Linc Man.” I am biased, but he is the best family member/ hunting partner ever. I wanted a GSP for hunting but my wife also wanted a loving family dog. He is every bit of incredible. At only 10 months, he has taught me so much about hunting and his natural instincts are remarkable. Lincoln is the smartest, funniest most loving dog I have ever had the privilege of being around. He has changed our lives for the better and we will be a GSP family for life.

One of the greatest luxuries of Back Forty GSPs is having the ability to come out and meet Mike, the puppies, and the mom. Mike has taught us so much and we appreciate everything he has done for us. We could not be happier to call them our friends.

- Ryan and Danielle D.


Our family got our first GSP in 2019 from Mike. From the beginning we were impressed with his process to purchase one of his dog’s puppies. Mike makes sure that each puppy goes to a home that knows how to take care of this breed. He also takes the time to match each puppy that he feels would fit each family.

With that, we could not have been happier with our dog Bella. We are not a hunting family and have found plenty of ways to exercise her mentally and physically. She is family oriented and is great with our 6 year old daughter. They have an unspeakable bond and she loves to train Bella.

You will not go wrong choosing Mike and his pups. We had a great experience and would highly recommend him.

- Carolyn and Tim W.


After deciding to add another GSP to our family, we did an extensive search for a high quality breeder and were very happy when we found Michael and Back Forty. The thing that most impressed me initially was the time he took to get to know me and our circumstances, and his desire to meet in person and get to know our two dogs Walden (a 4 year old GSP) and Talullah (a 10 year old Vizsla). It was important to Michael that our dogs were healthy and happy and not simply that we could pay the deposit for a new puppy. We spent a great day on his farm with our dogs, got to know Piper and Rebel, and were confident that we would end up with a great pup. We were lucky to add Baker to our family in August 2019, at 8 weeks old. Baker has proved to be an exceptionally sweet, smart and trainable dog. He has endless energy and has been full of spirit and happiness since day one. Michael made sure that we were matched with a dog that was confident enough to join our pack and loving enough to be great with babies and small kids. I'm happy to say that when our baby was born eight weeks ago (Baker was just shy of nine months himself) he was immediately gentle and loving. A healthy, happy, smart, loving dog was my goal and Baker is all of these things as well as beautiful. I would not hesitate to go back to Michael when we decide to add another GSP to our already big family!

- Lauren and Jonathon


Living in the city, we were looking for a life long family companion to share our active lifestyles with. I am so happy to have found Back Forty GSP and I can't say enough great things about our experience working with Mike. From the very beginning, he answered all of our questions and we truly saw the genuine love and care Mike and his family have for the GSP breed.

Mike goes the extra mile to ensure the puppy aligns to the right family and are placed in the most appropriate environment. We had the opportunity to take multiple trips to the Back Forty farm to meet Piper, Rebel, and some of the other pups from Back Forty. The time and energy Mike puts into these dogs from the day they are born until the day they go to their forever home shows. Henri, our male from Piper's Father’s Day litter, has brought so much joy to our lives and has all of the qualities we were looking for in a pup: loving, energetic, athletic, intelligent, loyal, and handsome. He is especially great with young children!

Our relationship with Mike and Heidi has turned into a life long friendship and we will continue to visit the Back Forty farm with Henri!

- Kristin & Peter


Growing up I always wanted an active dog. A dog to run, bike and hike with. My interest and desire for a sporting dog multiplied when I visited the Reilley’s farm to spend time with their GSPs. At the time, Mike’s dog Piper did not have a litter yet, but he helped me find a reputable breeder and taught me, like I was his own son, how to evaluate and select the perfect puppy. I was able to do so bringing our first GSP (Maggie) home. She quickly became my running, biking, hiking and hunting buddy. Mike was also a huge help to me during the early stages of Maggie’s hunting career.

Fast forward 5 years, my wife and I were looking to add another GSP to the family. This time, Mike had a beautiful litter at the farm. After one visit we knew we were adding a hunting buddy to our family. We already knew Back Forty GSPs checked all the boxes of a reputable breeder and knew the puppies would have a great temperament, and even better hunting drive. Scout has been the perfect addition to our active family. We highly recommend Back Forty GSPs if you are considering a GSP. Mike will answer any questions you have and ensure his puppies end up in the perfect home. We are very happy to be a part of the Back Forty Family!

- Dominic and Brooke S.

Scout & Maggie
Phoebe Kitchen

Last Spring, we were fortunate enough to be chosen as parents of one of Piper's more rambunctious pups, Phoebe. We watched some very early video and immediatley noticed that Phoebe and the pup that became Lincoln were very active and the lead instigators of the puppy pack! Having German Shorthaired Pointers is something we do well with Phoebe being our 9th. We definitely know she was meant for us.

Phoebe's acclimation to our household of 2 humans, a cat, and a 3 year old GSP named Peggy was relatively smooth. She adapted to the routines quickly and was easy to socialize and housebreak. (A credit to the early environment created by her loving human parents, Mike and Heidi.) Immediately we saw her Alpha dog tendencies come through. Even though we tried to keep the big dog in charge, now 10 months later she is in charge dictating everything from what game we will play to which human she will sit on while watching TV.

Phoebe is an amazingly athletic dog. It is a beautiful sight to see her running at full speed or just cruise around the property. Every outing becomes a hunting adventure as she points chipmunks, squirells, song birds and even insects. She always honors the point and won't move until commanded to do so. Her nose is powerful and never wrong. We love to watch her work the wildlife of our 15 acres, but she is still scared of the deer! She conducts herself outside with an intensity unseen in most other dogs.

In the house, Phoebe displays a typical characteristic of her breed. Her switch is either ON or OFF. On looks like running fits and endless wrestling matches with her big sister; Off finds her cuddled with a toy, napping with a human or dog, and just chilling on her bed chewing a bone. She is a great family dog, very loving, and she gets along well with any visitors to the house. Initially, she sounds like a big ferocious monster with a deep and loud bark but once she greets the person she gets very excited and loves the attention. She always makes a fan out of a stranger!

The classic definition of a German Shorthaired Pointer is: High Energy + Love Muffin. Phoebe fits the bill! We are grateful that Mike chose us as her parents. We got a great dog with a hunting pedigree and a very loving family member.
- Paul & Patty D.

While I had been looking for many months to find a breeder that had a passion for the breed, good environment for the dogs and someone wanting their dogs to be used for not only an in home pet, but for hunting too. Mike at Back Forty was my answer. After just 6 months Benelli was not only holding point on birds he was well on his way to retrieving. I cannot say enough about Mike, his kennel and family.

- Chuck S

Benelli & Kid
Benelli & Boys
Benelli Pointing

We really enjoyed our experience with Mike Reilley when we purchased our GSP, Liberty Belle ("Belle").  We were first time dog owners, and Mike took the time to answer all of our questions and give us information to determine if we were a good fit for the breed.  We could tell from our meeting with him that he truly loves the breed and strives to contribute to the quality of the breed through his litters.  His love for Piper and her pups was also apparent to us, so we knew we were getting a well taken care of puppy.

And Belle...she is our first baby, and we could not love her more.  She is such a sweet girl with a love of food, running, fetch, and night-time snuggles.  Although, we do not hunt with her, we do practice nose-work, and she is very adept at finding her "bird."  We are so happy to have this addition to our family and to have found her through Mike and Back Forty GSPs.

- Meredith and Neil Fletcher


Back Forty GSP was a pleasure to work with. They made the process of finding another addition to our family a breeze. I already had a 6 month old GSP at the time when we wanted to add another one to our family. We were able to bring our other dog down to the farm and have a play date to introduce the dogs to each other to see if they would be a good fit. Luckily, both puppies got along great and we were able to bring Riley home. She is the best puppy I could have asked for. Riley is a great running partner and cuddling companion, as well as a dedicated hunter. She loves to be outdoors in the woods. I am so grateful that Back Forty provided me with not only a wonderful pet, but also my best friend.

- Amelia


After losing out on another GSP puppy, my search for a litter of pups lead me to find Back Forty GSPs. After reaching out to Mike, he called me back and our first conversation lasted about an hour as he wanted to know about our lives and interest in one of his puppies as well as to assure us that he cared and was dedicated to finding the best homes for his dogs. From our very first visit to his home and the times afterwards while Mike and Heidi took care of our Lyla for extended periods of time, they have always felt like family.

As our Lyla approaches 2 years old and has become a significant part of our family, we are again thinking about getting another GSP from Backforty GSPs. We were very lucky to have found such a dedicated family to get our very first German Shorthair pup and she continues to give us so much joy.
- Brian Miller

My wife and I were in search of a GSP that would both come from a hunting bloodline and be a good family dog. We had no idea how luck we would be to stumble upon Mike and his family who were breeding.  Mike truly loves his dogs and goes to great lengths to make sure each of his puppies find the right home. Buying a GSP from Mike is akin to joining his family and we have enjoyed staying in touch and sharing our favorite GSP stories. Mike has been a true mentor to a young growing family of two dogs, a 1 year old boy, and another on the way!

Our GSP, Casey, has turned out to be a best friend to our foxhound Danny, a loving family dog, and also excellent in the field and on the boat. She has proven her worth on many goose / duck hunting trips and is a favorite fishing buddy during time spent on the waters of the Chesapeake Bay. We got more than we could have ever asked for in a GSP from Back Forty and hope that Mike's family continues to raise wonderful pups for my kids one day!

- Ben & Kara

Ben and Kara's Testimony
german shorthaired pointers
german shorthaired pointers

We started our search for a pup with AKC.  They sent us to a breeder but we knew we wanted a home breeder who would breed and raise a loving, well socialized dog.  This was our 3rd gsp.  We lost two of our dogs 12 days apart 2 1/2 years ago and we were broken.  We had looked for 6 months online for a pup but it never felt right.  Then we connected with Mike Reilley and his whole family.  They are a fabulous, fun, well informed owners of the beautiful and loving Piper.  Piper is gorgeous but looks alone do not describe her.  We were invited to meet her at the farm and her personality and intelligence are remarkable.  It was clear to us that Back Forty was the place for us to get our next German.  Piper was not even pregnant yet but we told Mike we wanted a boy.

Mike kept in constant touch with us and Mike and his wife Heidi invited us to the farm again to visit the puppies.  This family is a beautiful illustration of responsible breeding, having fully checked out Piper and the daddy.  We received full disclosures about each.  We signed a detailed contract, one our vet commented on as very comprehensive and thorough.  She thought that this was outstanding and a sure sign that there was a true love of the breed.  We agreed.

Cooper has brought such sunshine to our lives.  Colby, our other GSP, is loving him and has a new spring in his step at 11 years old.  Cooper is part of the Back Forty Independence Day litter, born on the 4th of July.  If you are up to the task, and make a Back Forty puppy yours, you will be in for the best time of your life.

- Jeff and Linda

Our Experience with Back Forty GSPs was super informative and the relationship continues to grow as RED (now ASIC) turns two on July 4.

One of eleven Pups, RED was available to be placed.  As timing will have it, We were able to find and reach out to Mike Reilley from Back Forty.  We supplied some background info on us, and soon enough Mike sent us pictures, bloodline lineage, AKC documents and health certs on Piper. We were then invited to visit the farm in NJ to see the Litter.  The eleven Pups were in a very clean, large, and caring environment, with constant attention from the Reilley family.  The family was very welcoming and provided answers to all our questions about RED.

Being long time owners of GSPs themselves, they shared advice on behavior, breeding and field training to hunt.

So at eight weeks, Red finally came home to Philly.  He is an urban style German Shorthaired Pointer that has adapted to all the city noise and buzz with Fairmount Park being his back yard. A real love bug, pleaser, loyal boy who always wants to be right by your side.

We have been back to the Back Forty farm with ASIC a few times now.  He runs free in the meadow with his Mama Piper and Sis Rebel.  It’s really awesome to see.  He has developed into a running dog and plans to get him field trained with Back Forty are next, and many more visits to the Back Forty farmland...

You can take the Dog from the Farm, But you can't take the Farm out of the Dog.

- The Palermos with ASIC (RED)

german short haired pointers
german short haired pointers

We have the pleasure of introducing Fina. She's a beauty and her attributes bring about love, companionship, goofiness and a touch of that GSP craziness. Every morning, we wake up to Fina jumping up on the bed, showering us in kisses, then proceeds to wake up our little Henry (chihuahua) with kisses. At meal times, she's the first to sit for her food and the last one to start eating. Her favorite games are playing playing tug-of-war, fetch and a little rabbit chasing. Words can't describe enough, how much joy she has brought to our home.

We give our thanks to Mike, Heidy and Piper and her family at the 'Back-forty' ranch. They are always welcoming to their home, and encouraged us to visit the pups as often as we can. Fina is defined by everything that comes from back-forty and I couldn't be more grateful. I would be hard pressed to find breeders Like Mike and Heidy that provide such awesome care, love and free-spirited activity to their pups. We can't wait for out next visit!

-Andrew B.

As a lifelong owner of GSPs, our family has always had a vivacious and energetic GSP running around our home. It hard to believe that Lincoln will be two in a month. He has grown into a driven, handsome, intelligent and loving family member. Back Forty GSPs started it all for us with Lincoln. Mike has a true talent in breeding his pups to ensure they can hunt and excel in the field, as well as be the best family companion. His pups will have the drive to hunt and the desire to love your family all with the outstanding build, coloring/ticking, temperament, training ability and energy. These dogs have it all!

If you want a top of the line GSP, then call Mike. He will take excellent care of you and your future family/hunting companion. It has been a pleasure to become part of the Back Forty GSP Family!

- Patrick and Michelle D.

LIncoln Cross Body
Lincoln Attentive
Lincoln Head

After our family decided to get a dog, we researched which breed would be best and decided on a German Shorthaired Pointer. We wanted a highly intelligent, energetic, lovable companion for our children, and that is exactly what we got with one of Back Forty's GSPs! After speaking with Mike several times, I knew that he was the breeder I wanted to work with. He loves his pups and gave them the best care. He even helped us surprise our children when we went to pick up our puppy! Luna has been an amazing addition to our family. She plays and runs with the kids, loves other dogs, and is a beautiful looking GSP! We get compliments on her disposition and her coloring all the time. We can't imagine our family without Luna!

-Nadine & Brian


Hazel is our 3rd GSP and first one from Mike,she is a happy,energetic and smart girl.She exceeds all expectations when out in the fields hunting,but more than that love that she is a sweet loyal family member. Mike truly cares about his GSP’S and is evident in every aspect.

- Wayne and Bettyanne


My family purchased our first GSP from Back Forty GSP in August 2015. Our experience could not have been better. Prior to agreeing to purchase our GSP (Harper) we were able to come up to the farm to interact with Piper (Harper’s mother). When we were there not only we were able to see Piper run, swim and interact with other dogs we were also able to see the genuine care that Mike and his family had for the breed and his animals. They answered all our questions and we felt that they were very honest. We also appreciated that he took the time to ensure that all the pups were going into loving homes that could handle the energetic breed.

Prior to receiving Harper we had to sign a contract that indicated we would not get her spayed within 18 months of her birth. This was the first dog that we allowed to go into heat. I had many questions regarding the process and how to exercise Harper. Mike and his family answered our questions in a very timely manner.

We had a wonderful experience with Back Forty GSP. We could not be happier as Harper has become a loving part of our family. She is full of energy, love and loyalty. Our family is looking forward to spending many more years with her!

- Amanda & Eric


Mike and his family at Back Forty GSP are just wonderful! We thoroughly enjoyed our visits to their home and the process of choosing our puppy. Zeiger (2017 litter) is our first GSP and we adore him! Our children were 9, 7 and 5 when he joined our family and he fit perfectly into our pack. Outdoors he is a daily running partner, avid water retriever, boat dog and friend to our goats. Inside our home he is lap dog, sleeping buddy and best friend. Last summer he road tripped with us to Colorado and Maine and he is an amazing traveler. We love him dearly and are forever grateful to the Back Forty family and the care they have for this stellar breed!

- The Stoltzfus Family

Zeiger Boat
Zeiger Beach

Maggie is so sweet, adorable and lovable. She is very smart and a great hunter. She is a family dog as well, affectionate and loves to cuddle. She travels well, loves to swim, hunt, run, boat and walk in the park. She is great with other dogs. Mike and Hedi made it easy for us to pick the right dog for us.

- Kim and Doug S.


Over the last 4 years, I have gotten 2 wonderful pups from the litters of GSP Back Forty. I first met Mike and Heidi a few weeks before bringing home our first pup, Lyla, They made us immediately feel like we were part of their family. We had enjoyed Lyla so much we contacted Mike to add another pup to our family. Both of our pets, Lyla and Elli get along wonderful and it has been a pleasure to have them with us. Janet and I have truly enjoyed our relationship with Mike and Heidi. The have provide us with 2 high quality dogs.

-Brian and Janet