Having been exposed to some great upland bird hunting after graduating college, I purchased my first GSP “Max” prior to the fall hunting season of 1984. Max was 2 ½ years old at the time and had been exposed to birds and showed drive, but had never been actually hunted over. Something told me to give this guy a chance.

His first day out alone with me, after a few times with other dogs and hunters, was a complete success. He went steady on point over a pheasant and retrieved to hand on his first bird shot over him. We never looked back for the next 11 ½ years. He set the example and showed the way for my next GSP, Bandit and sired 9 puppies at age 9 ½ . His daughter Inga became a success in the field at the early age of 4 months and set the example for my fourth and fifth GSPs, Sage and Sam.

Max made several trips to South Dakota with Bandit and excelled with her and set the bar high for all the hunting breeds and dogs on all of our trips. He was an unbelievable companion at home and in the field until he passed just prior to turning 14.

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