Inga was one of the nine pups Max sired in August of 1991 when I bred him to my parent’s GSP, Kate, who was purchased in South Dakota on one of our Pheasant hunting trips.

Immediately my oldest daughter who was 2 ½ at the time knew this was the pup we should keep.  “Saddle” as we called her due to her liver patches that harnessed her shoulders and both sides, was just something special.  She seemed to be pointing everything immediately and was super loving in a small package. Since we already had two GSPs in the home, her smaller stature was desirable as well.

Inga was steady to point and retrieve immediately, learning from her dad Max and our other girl Bandit.  When her hunting partners, father Max, and Bandit finally passed, she took over as the leader and basically trained our next two puppies, Sam and Sage in the field and around the home.

Inga left us way too soon at age 8, succumbing to kidney failure from Lyme disease. Her drive to excel and please in the field masked any symptoms until it was too late.  She left her legacy for many years to come through her young kennel mates who learned from her and went on to excel in the field and home as well.

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