We have the pleasure of introducing Fina.   She’s a beauty and her attributes bring about love, companionship, goofiness and a touch of that GSP craziness.  Every morning, we wake up to Fina jumping up on the bed, showering us in kisses, then proceeds to wake up our little Henry (chihuahua) with kisses.  At meal times, she’s the first to sit for her food and the last one to start eating.  Her favorite games are playing playing tug-of-war, fetch and a little rabbit chasing.   Words can’t describe enough, how much joy she has brought to our home.
         We give our thanks to Mike, Heidy and Piper and her family at the ‘Back-forty’ ranch.  They are always welcoming to their home, and encouraged us to visit the pups as often as we can.  Fina is defined by everything that comes from back-forty and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I would be hard pressed to find breeders Like Mike and Heidy that provide such awesome care, love and free-spirited activity to their pups.  We can’t wait for our next visit!

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