Our Experience with Back Forty GSPs was super informative and
the relationship continues to grow as RED (now ASIC) turns two on July 4.

One of eleven Pups, RED was available to be placed. As timing will have it,
We were able to find and reach out to Mike Reilley from Back Forty. We supplied some
background info on us, and soon enough Mike sent us pictures, bloodline lineage,
AKC documents and health certs on Piper. We were then invited to visit the farm in NJ to see
the Litter. The eleven Pups were in a very clean, large, and caring environment,
with constant attention from the Reilley family. The family
was very welcoming and provided answers to all our questions about RED.
Being long time owners of GSPs themselves, they shared advice on behavior, breeding
and field training to hunt.

So at eight weeks, Red finally came home to Philly. He is an urban style German Shorthaired Pointer that has adapted to all the city noise and buzz with Fairmount Park being his back yard.
A real love bug, pleaser, loyal boy who always wants to be right by your side.

We have been back to the Back Forty farm with ASIC a few times now. He runs free in the meadow
with his Mama Piper and Sis Rebel. It’s really awesome to see. He has developed into
a running dog and plans to get him field trained with Back Forty are next, and many more visits
to the Back Forty farmland…
–You can take the Dog from the Farm, But you can’t take the Farm out of the Dog–

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