My family purchased our first GSP from Back Forty GSP in August 2015. Our experience could not have been better. Prior to agreeing to purchase our GSP (Harper) we were able to come up to the farm to interact with Piper (Harper’s mother). When we were there not only we were able to see Piper run, swim and interact with other dogs we were also able to see the genuine care that Mike and his family had for the breed and his animals.  They answered all our questions and we felt that they were very honest. We also appreciated that he took the time to ensure that all the pups were going into loving homes that could handle the energetic breed.


Prior to receiving Harper we had to sign a contract that indicated we would not get her spayed within 18 months of her birth. This was the first dog that we allowed to go into heat. I had many questions regarding the process and how to exercise Harper. Mike and his family answered our questions in a very timely manner.

We had a wonderful experience with Back Forty GSP. We could not be happier as Harper has become a loving part of our family. She is full of energy, love and loyalty. Our family is looking forward to spending many more years with her!

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