We really enjoyed our experience with Mike Reilley when we purchased our GSP, Liberty Belle (“Belle”).  We were first time dog owners, and Mike took the time to answer all of our questions and give us information to determine if we were a good fit for the breed.  We could tell from our meeting with him that he truly loves the breed and strives to contribute to the quality of the breed through his litters.  His love for Piper and her pups was also apparent to us, so we knew we were getting a well taken care of puppy.

And Belle…she is our first baby, and we could not love her more.  She is such a sweet girl with a love of food, running, fetch, and night-time snuggles.  Although, we do not hunt with her, we do practice nose-work, and she is very adept at finding her “bird.”  We are so happy to have this addition to our family and to have found her through Mike and Back Forty GSPs.

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